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5 strategies for getting Band 6.0 on IELTS Writing

Hi!! I'm Clever AppleI got Band 6.5 on IELTS Writing and I'm studying Master of Education (TESOL) at Wollongong university in Australia. 


Today, I will tell you some tips to improve your writing score band effectively and efficiently.




・This article is about 'How to get Band 6.0 on IELTS writing, which is required to meet to enter many Western universities.

・The strategies are: ①Understand the template of the essay structureWrite in a real-test condition Reproduce model answersStudy your 'Expression List'Take free trial lessons of a study abroad agency

Let's get started!!

 0. Why Writing?

Many test-takers have difficulty meeting the writing band score of 6.0, and there are quite a few people who get 6.0 on other sub-skills but writing.
Don't worry! You are not alone!!
According to British Council (2019), female test-takers' average band scores are
R: 6.1  L: 6.2  S: 5.9  W: 5.7
and male test-takers' averages are 
R:6.0  L: 6.2  S: 5.8  W: 5.6
This means most of the learners are struggling to get high writing score and the score can influence the overall band score.
Therefore, it is essential to take time for writing practices.

1. Understand the template of the essay structure 

First of all, Understanding the template of the essay structure is indispensable to write high-quality essay.
Without knowledge about essay structure, it is difficult to write cohesive and coherent essays, leading to lower band scores.
In both of task 1 and 2, 'Establishing your own template' is important.
It is separated into ①Introduction ②Body ③Conclusion
Many bloggers and textbooks have described the template, so I skip the explanation about that.

 2. Write in a real-test condition

Once you understand the construction, write an essay in a real-test condition.
 At first, you might have a feeling that there's not enough time and 250 words are too many, but you don't have to worry about that! Set a timer for 60 minutes and write essays of task 1 and 2.
After you finish writing, you may notice that you have some expressions you can say in your language, but not in English.
This realization is a first step for improving your writing score.
The next step is to look into a dictionary or the Internet and write these expressions that you can't write in your language on your notebook (I call it 'Expression list). 
I recommend the list includes three items: 1. The expressions in your language, 2. The expressions in English, and 3. An example that contains the expression.
e.g. ~歳から (in your own language)   from age of ~    (Example) from age of 5
Through using the expressions from the 'Expression list' repeatedly, you will able to write what you want to say, which leads to higher writing score.

 3. Reproduce model answers

When you write essays and make you own Expression list, the next is reproduce the model answers.
The model answers contain a large number of useful expressions you can use in your essays.
While copying the model answer on a piece of paper, look for some expressions that can be used in your essay and write them on your Expression list.

 4. Study your 'Expression List'

Finally, you use the expressions in your list regularly in essays and remember them.
Personally, I used to see the list while commuting to university and write essays while looking at the list.
You can use the same expressions repeatedly, once you remember them, and this can save time to write what you want to convey.

 5. Take free trial lessons of a study abroad agency

This strategy is not directly related to your writing contents, but this experience can help you for certain.
Some study abroad agencies sometimes give free trial lessons for IELTS preparation.
I once participated in one of the free trial lessons and obtained beneficial knowledge in IELTS writing from an active IELTS examiner.
Moreover, you may meet some learners who plan to study abroad and exchange useful information and motivate with each other.
I highly recommend to participate in such a lesson if that is available for free.

 6. Summary

・In this article, some strategies I used to improve IELTS writing band score.
・The tips are ①Understand the template of the essay structureWrite in a real-test condition Reproduce model answersStudy your 'Expression List'Take free trial lessons of a study abroad agency.

 Reference list

British Council. (2019). Test taker performance 2019

Good luck with the exam :)