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The reasons I started this blog

Hi! I'm Clever Apple!!


Today, I will write about 'The reasons I started Hatena blog'.



Probably, you think that 'What is Clever Apple?'.


I named it Clever Apple after one of my friends' name, because I wanted to name my blog from my own name, but the ideas were not so cool.




I started to write this blog about 1 and half month ago, and I had 3 reasons for them.


The reasons are ①I'm on summer vacation now  ②to provide some useful information for prospective overseas students and ③for my experiences as a sender of information.



In terms of the first reason, as I wrote about it before, I'm studying TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) at Wollongong university in Australia.


The course began from March in 2021, and the second semester ended in this November, so I'm on summer vacation now.


I wanted to start something new during the summer vacation, and I thought it was interesting to write a blog after reading my friends' blogs. 

Then, I started this blog from this November.





About the second reason: 'giving information', I got a lot of information about IELTS exam (this test score is used as an academic requirement to enter uni) and studying abroad from some of my friends. I really appreciate it!!!


Also, my experiences of studying abroad may be different from many other overseas students. I had some bad experiences and I struggle to overcome them. I'll write about the experiences sometime.


I think some Japanese overseas students may take the same path as well, so I'm writing articles as 'advice for the old me'.



It took a lot of time to find some efficient and effective strategies to improve my English skills to meet the academic requirement. I also spent many days to overcome my difficulties.

If my articles will help you even just a little, I'm soooooo happy.


I wrote/will write articles that help you spend less time to overcome the difficulties.





The final reason is for my own experience as a provider of information.


I've heard that 'People seem to have freedom to choose, but they actually choose from limited choices that were made by someone. If you want to get real freedom, you have to create something to increase your choices'. 

I'm sorry, I don't remember where I heard this...



I have never used social media, including Twitter and Instagram, and had less opportunities to send information.


As a medium to offer information what I learned, I chose a blog.


Only one and half month passed since I started this blog, but I'm really enjoying writing  as a 'sender of information', not a 'consumer of information'.


They are the 3 reasons I started this blog.




You will have not only good but bad experiences of English learning, but I'll make an effort to maximize the percentage of your 'good experience'.


Thank you always for reading my articles.



Enjoy your English learning :)