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Study abroad diary ⑥ UOW College (Part 1)

Hi! I'm Clever Apple!!


Today, I will write about my study at Wollongong university in Australia.


Today's topic is 'UOW College'.




I took the photo when I went to see ANZAC Day (April 25th) march to commemorate the soldiers who fought in World War I for Australia.


Please read this article to learn more about how I decided to take an English course at a language school online!



■Please also see this!■
The course I took before taking the Master's course was the English for Tertiary Studies (ETS), where you can learn the four English skills required for university and graduate school.
There are 6, 12, 18-week courses, and the duration of the course varies depending on the IELTS score.
I met the scores for the graduate course, but I was worried about my writing skills, so I decided to take the 6-week course.
At the University of Wollongong, online lesson Zoom links and lesson information are shared with students through an online Moodle web page.
In the first class, I  tried to open the Zoom link about 15 minutes before the class started, but I couldn't open it because it was too early.
I couldn't help it, so I tried to open the Zoom link exactly at the time the class started, but it still didn't open ...
I was optimistic, and I was waiting while thinking that the teacher was not punctual, and that may happen in Australia, but even after I waited for 15 minutes, the class was not started.
There are several ETS classes, and when I visited other Zoom classes , all the classes have started!
I panicked, and acted in a stupid way.
I interrupted most of other classes and asked the teachers what I should do.
Of course, the teachers didn't know about other classes, and the students in the class were also confused. Every time a teacher in another class said "I'm sorry, I have no idea", I interrupted another class, and asked what I should do (I felt soooooooo sorry to the teachers and students.......)
After I interrupted almost all the classes, I tried opening the Zoom link for my class again and I was able to participate in the class! (Maybe it was about 30 minutes after the class started.)
When I asked the teacher about what happened later, and he told me that he delayed the class due to a system error.....
I heard that other students in my class had known this information through a university email (they knew about the college email because they took a 12- or 18- week course ...). I didn't know  the university email, and I caused many people a lot of trouble .... (I'm really sorry ...)
My classmates of the course were from various Asian countries such as China, Nepal, Thailand, India and Indonesia , but most students were from China.
We learned English required for the university and Master's courses. However, this article would be so long, so I will write about my experiences in the next article!
Next time, I will write about the language school (Part 2)!
May your study abroad be wonderful!!