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3 Useful Web Services for Study Abroad (Study Abroad in Australia)

Hello! I'm Clever Apple ! !


Today, I would like to introduce three web services that I often used when I was studying in Australia ! !





・This is an article about three web services for submitting English assignments that I used while studying abroad .

・For those who want to efficiently complete the English assignments, please check it out!


The first tool I would like to introduce is a correction service "Grammarly" ! !
I think many of you know this service, but I recently started using it after a DMM English teacher told it to me.
Grammarly corrects grammar and vocabulary mistakes just by copying and pasting your own English sentences! !
I've only used the free version , but it helped me a lot in correcting my mistakes in articles and prepositions ! !
With the free version, it will tell you that there are better expressions, but sometimes it won't tell you exactly what the words are.
Therefore, I used Grammarly to check my assignments before submitting them to the university's correction service !
At most overseas universities, there are tutors who can help you with corrections, and I think you can use a correction service, so I think the free version is enough! !

 2. DeepL

The second service is "DeepL" .
I have never used this, but my Japanese friends used it, and it was well received that it was "easy to use"! !
This service is a "translation service" that allows you to translate your writing from Japanese to English!
I used it a little, and I noticed it  translates quite accurately! !
All you have to do is just copy and paste your writing in your own language!
In addition to English, you can translate into various languages!
I recommend that you use this service to save time. You can use it before having it corrected by the university staff! !
If you want to write something in Japanese (your own language), I think it's good to use it when it's troublesome to write it in English from the beginning!

 3. Mick Schroeder's Citation Generator


The last service I would like to introduce is a service called "Mick Schroeder's Citation Generator" !
To be honest, this was the service I used the most out of the three during my study abroad!
Mick Schroeder's Citation Generator makes citations so easy! !
It's very easy to use! !
Just copy and paste the DOI (Digital Object Identifier) ​​written at the edge of the English article and it will show you how to write the citation in the specified format!
Just like this, if you select the format from the Citation Style above and enter the DOI in the Enter query field, the citation will be displayed below! !


Quote: Mick Schroeder's Citation Generator




Be careful, when you copy, the italics may be canceled, so you may need to fix it! (Maybe I just don't know how to use


Basically, the literature available online in the library of the University of Wollongong had a button called Citation, and by clicking it, I was able to cite it.
However, it is very useful when the format of the document that is not in the library database is different from the format specified by the university! !
If you are typing for references one by one, you may lose points due to typing mistakes and waste a lot of time...
I think it's a very good service for accurate quotes! !
By the way, I was supposed to use APA7 at university, so the settings in the image above is APA7.




 4. Summary

Today I introduced some web services that I thought would be useful for studying abroad, which are...
③Mick Schroeder's Citation Generator
Please let me know if there are any other useful services! !
May your study abroad be a wonderful one! !