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Study Abroad Diary⑩ Study Abroad in Gifu (Part 1)

Hello! I'm Clever Apple!!



Today, I would like to write about my study abroad experience!


This time, it's about "Studying in Gifu (Part 1)" !


The topic is about "What did I study while I was studying in Gifu? "





The photo above is a beach called North Wollongong Beach , which is about 5-10 minutes by bus from the student dormitory where I lived !


The beach is not so crowded and it is a beautiful beach where you can see the lighthouse ! !





Overwhelmed by the number of assignments, I moved to my partner's house in Gifu and decided to concentrate on my studies.


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In the first semester, I took four subjects.
①Theories of Second Language Learning
②Methodology in Second Language Teaching
③Pedagogical Grammar
④Introduction to Research & Inquiry
It was a class! !
Today, I would like to talk about one of them, Theories of Second Language Learning !
 0. What kind of subject ?
The goal of this subject was to "select a specific learner (in my case, a Japanese learner) and connect that learner's English learning experience and ability with the theory of English learning." .
Therefore, in addition to English teaching methods such as CLT (Communicative Language Teaching) and TBLT (Task Based Language Teaching), I also learned about second language acquisition , such as individual differences in English learners' learning and strategies .
In this course, I learned about the current situation of English learners around the world (the relationship between native speakers and non-native speakers), and I felt like I was reviewing what I had learned at Japanese universities and used the knowledge for the target learner to develop their English learning.
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■Please also see this!■
 1. Task ① Summary and Exposition
Next, I would like to introduce what kind of assignments were given in this subject!
The first task was to summarize some chapters and articles to answer the question, which is "What kind of theory can be used for effective English learning?" in 2000 words.
This task is divided into two parts. In the first part, you create a 1000-word summary of three papers and one textbook chapter about what you think is important in learning and teaching English. .
The second part, also in 1000 words, was about how research on second language acquisition can help English learning and teaching, connecting your experience with Part 1!
In my assignment, I claimed that the research on second language acquisition can
(1) Fill the gap between teacher theory and practice
(2) Enrich teaching techniques for vocabulary acquisition
(3) Motivate teachers
 2. Task ②  Case Study- Learning Profile
The second assignment was Case Study " .
In this task, students choose one English learner, interview them, and summarize information about their English learning experience in 1000 words ! "
interviewed a Japanese friend who has been to Vietnam for an internship !
This task did not aim at collecting information itself, but to leads to the third and final task.
 3. Task ③ Case Study- Essay
The final assignment was an essay .
In this assignment, I wrote about ``Which theory of second language acquisition best explains the learner's experience  ?'' based on the interview conducted in the second assignment !
Specifically, I wrote about
 The relationship between the learner's strengths and weaknesses and their English learning experience
② Learning methods for the learner to reach the next level of English
③  Knowledge for other learners  that can be generalized
④ What can you learn from them and make use of them as a teacher?
From this assignment, I learned about "the importance of learning English with various accents of non-native speakers, and using strategies in communication when leaners' vocabulary knowledge is not enough " !
 4. Summary
This time, I wrote about one of the subjects I took, " Theories of Second Language Learning" ! !
For me, who studied education at university, this course involved familiar topics and was very easy to understand and informative! !
I hope that it will be helpful for you to learn what you will learn at graduate school in Australia and what kind of assignment you will have! !
May your study abroad be a wonderful one! !