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Study Abroad Diary ⑫ Study Abroad in Gifu (Part 3)

Hello! I'm Clever Apple ! !


Today, I would like to write about my study abroad experience!


This time, it's about "Studying in Gifu (Part 3)" !


The topic is, "What did I study while I was studying in Gifu? "





The photo above was taken near a shopping mall called "Wollongong Central" in Wollongong, Australia!


For some reason, a tree was attached to a streetlight, and it was interesting, so I took a picture of it! !


I don't know why someone did that, if anyone knows please let me know hahaha



Today I will write about what subjects I studied in Gifu !


Please see this article about how I decided to study abroad in Gifu instead of Australia!




■Please also see this■


Today's theme is one of the subjects I took during the first semester,


③Pedagogical Grammar



 0. What kind of subject?


The aim of this subject is to "learn effective grammar instruction in school education" ! !
In addition to reviewing the grammar learned in junior and senior high schools in Japan, this subject also explores the role grammar plays and how to help students acquire grammar efficiently in a limited amount of time.
I thought, "I've learned English grammar to some extent in Japan, so I can do it!"
However, the contents of the subject got harder in the last half....
 1. Task① Weekly multiple choice quiz
The first assignment in this subject was the weekly multiple choice quiz!
The content is to review what you learned in the week.
In terms of difficulty, the quiz is not that difficult, and you can answer while looking at the notes and texts you took yourself, but you can only try it just once!
This quiz accounted for 20% of the overall grade, but if you review it properly, you could get a perfect score!
 Task ② Grammar Worksheet
The second assignment is "Grammar Worksheet" ! !
The task was to create a worksheet containing activities to improve a learner's "Language Awareness" and explain the rationale for using the activities !
This was not a difficult task, as I only had to write a summary of 1000 words and didn't have to read a lot of papers.
However, when thinking about activities, it is necessary to demonstrate originality, so if you do not have teaching experience, you may have a bit of a hard
 Task ③ Grammar Study
The last assignment is "Grammar Study" ! !
In this task, you select a text a student wrote containing many grammatical mistakes, and think about how to improve the work without correcting all the grammatical mistakes.
The analysis identifies the grammatical items that the particular learner is struggling with, and considers how instruction can be provided to address those grammatical problems.
I wanted to be a middle or high school teacher, so I analyzed a text written by 14-15 year old students!
The assignment was 2500 words ! !
I have no experience as a teacher at a school yet, but I think if it's really hard to correct all of the  students' writing mistakes, and it also may be demotivating.
Therefore, in this subject, I was able to learn a lot about ``how the student's grammatical mistakes should be corrected and what kind of activities should be used for efficient learning .''
It was an assignment that taught me not only the theory of grammar, but also the practical application of it, so I learned a lot! !
 4. Summary
In this article, I introduced Pedagogical Grammar, one of the subjects I took.
In this subject, I learned about teaching grammar and writing to students! !
I hope that it will be helpful for you to know what you will learn at graduate school in Australia and what kind of challenges you will face! !
May your study abroad be a wonderful one! !