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Study Abroad Diary ⑬ Study Abroad in Gifu (Part 4)

Hello! I'm Clever Apple ! !


Today, I would like to write about my study abroad experience!


This time, it's about "Studying in Gifu (Part 4)" !


The topic is, "What did I study while I was studying in Gifu? "





The strawberries in the picture above are from a market near my dormitory! !



It is about 500 grams ! !

Please guess how much is this? ?




The answer is about 250 yen !


Compared to Japanese strawberries, they are smaller and less sweet, but they are perfect for snack! !





Today I will write about one of the subjects I studied in Gifu !


Please check this article about how I decided to study abroad in Gifu instead of Australia!


■Please also see this■

Today's theme is one of the subjects I took during the first semester,


Methodology in Second Language Teaching



 0. What kind of subject ?
The goal of this course was to develop a lesson plan for specific English learners using the theory of English teaching!
The content was similar to one of the subjects I took, "Theories of Second Language Learning".
The main difference is that "Theories of Second Language Learning focuses on the 'learning' of a single English learner , while this subject focuses on 'educating' a specific group of English learners ...
Personally, the assignments were hard, and it's one of the subjects I struggled with!
 1. Task① Analysis of Classroom Practice
First, I would like to introduce what kind of tasks were imposed in this subject!
The first task was to Watch a video of English teaching practice, analyze and critique the approach used in the practice in 1500 words. Plus, reveal how it can be used for your target learners . ”
I wrote that the task-based approach used in the video and the learning method for new vocabulary from context can be applied to Japanese learners at a lower level!
I quite enjoyed writing this assignment and I found it useful for teaching at a Japanese school as well!!
 2. Task ② Topical Quiz
The second assignment for this subject was a "Quiz" !
Specifically, you will take online quizzes on your own within a set period of time on specific themes you have learned in this course! !
Most of the content is from the textbook, but this quiz was quite difficult, and I couldn't easily get a perfect score...
However, what I like about this quiz is that this allows you to take the quiz as many times as you like!!
The number of times you can take the test in a day was limited, but you can take it again the next day, so you can keep trying until you get a perfect score! !
However, after taking the test, you can tell which answer was correct or wrong, but the quiz doesn't tell you the answers.
Therefore, you need to write down the questions you got wrong, read the textbook again, and then, take the test again!!
I personally think it's a good test because it motivates the students and encourages them to study! !
This quiz accounts for 20% of the grades for this subject!
 3. Task ③ Designing Pedagogy
The last task was to create a lesson plan ! !
In this assignment, you refer to assignments 1 and 2 and create 3 English learning lesson plans that suit your specific group of English learners ! ! 
It is quite difficult to design three plans, and students with teaching experience as a teacher can make it quite easily, or arrange and use plans that they had made before. However, I don't have any teaching experience, so that was really tough for me...
The assignment itself is 1500 words rationale for the approaches and activities used in the lesson plan  + 3 lesson plans, but don't be deceived!
The total words will become around 3000 words ....
However, this subject also aims to connect theory and practice, so I learned how to properly use approaches and methods that I thought would be useful when I become a teacher! !
Also, for uni students who have not written many lesson plans, it can be a good opportunity to think about creating lesson plans.
It's a tough subject, but it's worth a try!!
 4. Summary
In this article, I wrote about one of the subjects I took, Methodology in Second Language Teaching" ! !
In this subject, I learned about the theory and practice of English education in a well-balanced manner, including analysis of English teaching practice, textbook quizzes, and lesson plan creation! !
I hope that it will be helpful for you to know what you will learn at graduate school in Australia and what kind of challenges you will face! !
I will write about what I learned while studying abroad for a while from the next time!
May your study abroad be a wonderful one! !