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Let's learn English efficiently with 'Language Reactor'!!

Hi! I'm Clever Apple!!


Today, I will write about a useful tool to learn English through Netflix videos, 'Language Reactor' !!





・This article is about how to use 'Language Reactor's  to 'Show Japanese and English subtitles at the same time' and 'use it as a dictionary'.




Usually, when I study English through films on Netflix, I use an extended function called 'Language Reactor'(The former Language learning with Netflix).
In this article, I'll show 2 main merits of using 'Language Reactor'.

 1. You can use 2 subtitles at the same time!

First, the biggest advantage of using 'Language Reactor' is that you can see subtitles in 2 languages at the same time!!
It is often said that 'when you study English through movies, you need to watch them again and again to understand the lines'.
I think it's true for efficient English learning.
However, I watched same movies many times and noticed that 'I get tired of seeing same scenes'.
I guess some learners feel the same way.
This may decrease learners' motivation to keep studying, because watching movies could become tasks to improve their English.
That's why I started to use 'Language Reactor'!
With 'Language Reactor', you don't need to see same movies in your language, and then, in English!
This may allow you to start language learning through films more easily!!

 2. You can use it as a dictionary!


Secondly, you can use 'Language Reactor' as a dictionary!


In my experience, when I found some unfamiliar English expressions, I stopped the videos and looked the meaning up and resumed. It takes time and is not so efficient.


However, with 'Language Reactor', you can check the meaning of the words, hovering the mouse over the word, which means you don't have to stop!!!

(You can't see the meaning of idioms...)



You need to see movies on your laptop to use 'Language Reactor', but surprisingly, it's for free!!! It's worth trying this!!




 3. Summary


・In this article, I introduced 2 ways of using 'Language Reactor'!

You can use it to see subtitles in 2 languages and use it as a dictionary!!
Enjoy learning English!