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Study Abroad Diary ⑪ Study Abroad in Gifu (Part 2)

Hello! I'm Clever Apple ! !


Today, I would like to write about my study abroad experience!


This time, it's about "Studying in Gifu (Part 2)" !


The topic is, "What did I study while I was studying in Gifu? "





The photo above was taken at Campus East, the student dormitory I used to live in ! 

The sky was pink and beautiful.


Today I will continue to write about what subjects I studied in Gifu !


Please see this article about how I decided to study abroad in Gifu instead of Australia!


■Please also see this!!■

Today's theme is one of the subjects I took during the first semester, which is Introduction to Research & Inquiry.



 0. What kind of subject??
The purpose of this course was to "learn what kinds of research there are and to make a proposal for a research theme that you chose" ! !



This subject is a compulsory subject, and what I learned in this subject was what research methods I can use, and how to read data! !



However, although I like reading papers, I was not very interested in research itself, so I had a hard time deciding on a research

 1. Task ① Reflective Report on Research Experience and Interest



The first assignment was to explain my academic background and research theme that you are interested in, and to summarize what you discovered in previous research on that theme in 1500 words .
Many of the other students had experience as teachers, and many of them had researched English teaching methods. 
On the other hand, I went to the graduate school just after graduating from a Japanese university, and I was also researching higher education costs and scholarships at university, so it was hard for me just to decide on a
Still, I am interested in Extensive Reading , so I decided to write on the theme of Extensive Reading: The Need for Dictionaries !
One of the principles of Extensive Reading is to not use a dictionary. However, I thought it would be better to use a dictionary for vocabulary acquisition.
 2. Task ② Critical Review of a Research Article
The second assignment is to select one paper in the field of TESOL (teaching English), and examine the "introduction", "gap", "research question ", "method", "structure", and "result" parts of the paper. 
It's a so-called "Faultfinding" lol
But this assignment was the one I enjoyed the most of the 4 subjects! !
You can choose papers that you are interested in, and I chose an article written by a professor in Wollongong university hahaha.
This assignment was 2000 words!
 Task ③ Research Proposal
The final task was research proposal ! !
In this assignment, you summarize the "gap between previous research and your own research", "research purpose and hypothesis", "research design and participants", "data collection method", "ethical considerations", etc., and what kind of research you will conduct. , It was to summarize in 2000 words!
For this assignment, you don't need to do any actual research, just summarize what you want to do! !
I wrote on the theme of "learning vocabulary in extensive reading," but at that time I had some regrets .
That's because I chose "quantitative research" to quantify the data of many participants, instead of "qualitative research" , which collects and analyzes data through interviews with a small number of people
In my final semester, I had a subject in which I actually did research, and in that research I had to do "qualitative research ."
Therefore, I had to choose a research theme from scratch again in that
But I can think it in a positive way! I learned a lot while reading previous research on various themes! 

I had never studied English teaching methods before, but through this assignment, I was able to acquire the knowledge to read paper data and enjoyed reading papers!




 4. Summary
In this article, I introduced one of the subjects I took, Introduction to Research & Inquiry!
In this subject, I learned how to utilize academic data in education, not only as a teacher, but also as a researcher! !
I hope that it will be helpful for you to learn what you will learn at graduate school in Australia and what kind of challenges you will face! !
I will write about what I learned while studying abroad for a while from the next time!
May your study abroad be a wonderful one! !