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Best Australia Sweets Souvenirs

Hello! I'm Clever Apple ! !


Today, I would like to introduce some recommendation for Australia sweets souvenirs!!



When I took some of the souvenirs to my workplace, all of them were popular, so I'm sure you like them!!!


By the way, you can get the souvenirs at Coles and Woolworths , Australia's main supermarkets, so basically you can buy them anywhere!


Let's get started!!






  No. 4: Maltesers
The fourth place is chocolate sweets called "Maltesers" .
The wafer-like crispy part is coated with chocolate and is sooo delicious! !
The good point of this sweet is that it's not just sweet, it's a little salty!
The sweet and salty taste is addictive and you can't stop hahaha.
The only bad point is that it is a little more expensive than other sweets ... lol

 No. 3: Milk Choc Chunk Cookie Bites
Let's keep going!
Third place is "Milk Choc Chunk Cookie Bites" !
This sweet is a cookie, but it's not too sweet, and it is like "a cookie that everyone loves" !
The price is reasonable and has much contents, so it is a good deal!!
This goes well with tea and coffee!!

 No. 2: Fruity Stackers
Second place is "Fruity Stackers" ! !
These candies of variety of flavors, and what's interesting is that when you eat certain types of gummies together, you can enjoy a new flavor! !
For example, if you eat yellow and green gummies together, it tastes like a pear.
I was skeptical, but I was surprised to find that it actually tasted like pears! !
The taste is also very good, and my family asked me to buy it again lol

 No. 1: Pods
Well, it's finally time to announce the glorious 1st place! !
The first place is Pods " ! !
This sweet has chocolate inside the cookie dough, so you can enjoy both the crunchy texture and rich chocolate at the same time! !
I bought this candy because an Australian friend recommended it as his favorite, and now it's my favorite too!
Some of my Japanese friends are also a big fun of the sweet, and I was talking with them like, "It's too delicious, but isn't there some kind of drug or something in it?"(Of course, not hahaha)
I also bought this candy for my family, and they asked me if there were any more lol
 There are three types of Pods , but my recommendation order is
Twix > Mars > Snickers  
Snickers are also delicious, but my absolute recommendation is Twix and Mars ! !
I don't think there is much difference between Twix and Mars, but Mars is sweeter. 
I prefer Mars for cookie dough, but Twix wins overall.
Pods has a large pack called the more share pack, but you can't stop eating, so I recommend that large size lol

 Extra Souvenirs
Finally, extra souvenirs!!
In this part, I will introduce " snacks that I didn't like very much" , "recommended foods" , and "a good deal" ! !
First of all, let's talk about the sweets you didn't really like !
The candy is "Bullets dark chocolate liquorice" .
I love chocolate, but I bought it without knowing it was liquorice, and it turns out I don't really like it lol
I had never eaten licorice before, but it tasted like medicine to me.
That said, it's an interesting taste so it is worth trying that once!

Next, is "recommended foods" ! !
One of the recommended foods (souvenirs) other than sweets that you can buy at supermarkets, is "Mi goreng" ! !
I haven't eaten mi goreng very often so I can't compare, but I remember getting one from a friend and it was delicious!
There are many fans among the students in the student dormitory where I lived, and some people say things like"This is the best!!"
I don't know if it's Australian food, but when I brought it back to Japan as a souvenir, everyone liked it! This is a recommendation for people who are , "I don't mind Australian souvenirs, but I want to eat delicious food! " people!!
It's hard to explain the taste, so I recommend you to try it when you visit Australia!
The last thing I would like to introduce is “a good deal” ! !
The item I purchased at Coles was "Lindor" ! !
Lindt 's Lindor is so delicious, it's a high-end product that costs nearly 100 yen each, but one day I found one at Coles that was over 300 grams and was just 8 dollars! !
The sale days vary depending on the day, but you may have the chance to buy high-quality chocolate at a bargain price, so be sure to check out the sale items! 

In this article, we introduced "recommended sweets Australia souvenirs " !
I personally prefer salty snacks of Japanese brands, so I didn't introduce them this time.
Please try it when you visit Australia! !
I would be happy if you could tell me if there are any other recommended sweets!