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Study abroad diary④ University application

Hi! I'm Clever Apple!!


Today, I will write about my study at Wollongong university in Australia.


Today's topic is about 'University application'.






After IELTS, I chose the university where I study TESOL.


About my IELTS experience, please check the articles below.



■Please also see this!■



First, I'll explain why I decided to study abroad in Australia.


The reasons are

①The time difference between Japan and Australia is only 2 hours

②Australian English is spoken in Australia

③The tasks are not so demanding (probably)




Firstly, there is only time difference of 2 hours between Japan and Australia.


I wanted to keep in touch with my family and friends, so Australia is a good choice in terms of the time difference!




The second reason is that Australian English is spoken.


I was planning to study abroad in the UK in the first place, because I prefer British English to American English.


However, I though Australia is better, considering the time difference and the task of the university.


Australian English is similar to British English and this is one of the reasons I chose Australia.



The third reason is that I heard the tasks of the Australian universities are not so demanding.


This motive is impure, but when I consulted with a respected professor, she told me that the tasks are not demanding.


In American and British universities, you have to take part in workshop at university and write a graduation thesis.

However, in the course I am studying, we don't have to write a thesis.


Even so, I had difficulty in keep in up with the classes... (I will write about it in the future)


 Apart from the reasons above, I wanted to swim in the beautiful ocean in Australia, and learn about the multiple culture.


In this way, I chose Australia!!





Next is about the university where I study TESOL.


I consulted with a study abroad agency, and it recommended 3 universities: 

①Deakin University

②Macquarie University

③Wollongong University



I chose Wollongong university from the options because

①It takes only a year and a half to graduate

②The university is famous for TESOL

③I was partly exempted from tuition



First, it usually takes 2 years to take a master's degree, but in the course of Wollongong university, it takes only 1.5 years.


I will take an exam for a teacher recruitment and  have to study for that, so the fact that I can graduate early is a great merit for me.




Second, I heard the quality of  Wollongong university's TESOL course is  high and I thought I could study about education and English deeply.



In the course, you can learn not only about theory but about practice, so it must be fun and practical for you.




The last reason is I was partly exempted from tuition.


My GPA of the Japanese university was 3.4 and I got an exemption of about 1 million yen!


I was not such a high achiever, but I was exempted from the partial tuition fee.



I don't know about the clear criteria, but if you are a university student, you should get as high a score as possible.




They are the reasons I chose Australia and Wollongong university.



I will write about University of Wollongong college in the next article!



I am sure you will have a great experience through your studying abroad!!