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Study abroad diary③ My second IELTS exam

Hi! I'm Clever Apple!!


Today, I will write about my study at Wollongong university in Australia.


Today's topic is about 'My second IELTS exam'.





In 2019, I took an IELTS exam, but I couldn't meet the academic requirements to enter a university in Australia.

Then, I made some learning strategies and studied hard for about 4 months.


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In August 2019, I sat for an IELTS exam again.
I went to my university, Aoyama Gakuin University, by train.
After my first IELTS exam, I found that I could take the test at my university!!!
If you are a university student and you are going to take the exam, you should do that at your university!
The 2 main reasons are ①You can concentrate on the exam without being nervous and ②You may get a refund from your university.
In terms of the first reason, I didn't feel nervous because I was familiar with the campus.
I had used the classroom for the test about 100 times and I felt relaxed there.
Also, all test takers were students of the university, and I saw some of my friends.
Being able to take the test without being nervous is a great advantage for test takers!!
The other merit is about a refund. It depends, but you may get a refund from your university if you get a high score on IELTS! 
I got about 50 or 100 dollars (I'm sorry, I don't remember the exact number...) after the test!! For students, it is a lot!
If you can take IELTS at your university, I strongly recommend to do that!!
Anyway, I took the test for the second time.
This time, I made use of my previous experience and I had a lot of foods in the morning, so I didn't feel hungry during the test time haha.
After writing (the task1 was about line chart), reading, and listening tests, I took a speaking test.
As I mentioned before, the examiner was a teacher of a free trial lesson by a study abroad agency that I participated in!!
Please check this article in detail!
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About the speaking test, I took the test in a best situation, which are ①at the place I know well and ②with an examiner I know.
In the speaking exam, the part 1 was about daily conversation, the part 2 was about 'a celebrity you want to see, and the part 3 was about the influences of celebrities.
I didn't prepare the answers for these questions, but I managed to get it done.
Next month, I checked my scores online, and they were....
Listening 6.0 Reading 8.0 Writing 6.5 Speaking 7.0 Overall 7.0
These scores meet the academic requirement needed to enter an Australian university, which is 'each score is 6.0 or above and the overall is 6.5 or above'.
I read a wordbook on a train, borrowed almost all of the books on IELTS from the library, and studied hard and finally, all the hard work paid off!!!
In this way, I passed the first barrier, 'IELTS'.
In the next article, I will write about 'my application to universities'.
Good luck with the exam :)