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Study abroad diary ⑤ COVID-19

Hi! I'm Clever Apple!!


Today, I will write about my study at Wollongong university in Australia.


Today's topic is 'The impacts of COVID-19 on my studying abroad'.



I wrote about why I chose University of Wollongong in the article below!


■Please also see this!■
The IELTS test was successfully completed, and I was about to study abroad.
However, I was worried and decided to take an English Writing course before studying abroad in the graduate school and learn how to write a report in English.
A former teacher at a Japanese university also told me that it is better to learn writing, so I decided to study English writing at the UOW college (University of Wollongong college) for a month!
The writing course would start in February, as the graduate school classes would start in March.
In March 2020, the Australian Government implemented immigration restrictions as a pandemic measure for the Corona virus. 
This prevented me from entering Australia!!!
I had the option of taking classes online, but I still had a strong desire to study in Australia, so I decided to wait for a year while studying English and reading books.
It was really hard for the past year because my college friends started working, I was impatient and frustrated, and I was worried about when I would be able to go to study abroad ...
I am really thankful to my Japanese friends who encouraged me, made fun of not being able to study abroad. It was much better than being seriously saddened with me ...
I am really grateful to my friends and family for their support in many ways!
Even a year later, in February 2021,  the Australian border did not open ...
I couldn't wait any longer, so I finally decided to take an online class!
I didn't have any intention of deceiving you, but my writing course and TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) course have started online.
Still, I made friends in online classes and learned a lot. Now, I'm rather positive about what I've learned online.
The details will be written in the future.
And finally , on February 9th of this year (2022), I entered Australia!!
The originally planned study abroad program in Australia for one and a half years has been shortened to just half a year, but I will have a hard and enjoyable study abroad life.
I haven't updated my blog post for the past 1-2 months because I was busy about preparing for study in Australia...
I hope I can share my experiences, beautiful scenery and food of Australia in the future!!!
Next time , I will write about "Study Abroad Preparation Course (Writing Course)" !
May your study abroad be wonderful!!!