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Study abroad diary ① The reason I decided to do my Master's degree in Australia

Hi! I'm Clever Apple!!


Today, I will write about why I am studying TESOL at Wollongong university in Australia.





November 2018, when I was in my junior year, I decided to study abroad at a graduate school in Australia.


This is too late and my case is not a good example for many people.



I majored in Education at the Japanese university to take English teacher's licenses, and I realized my English level was too low to teach English.

To improve my English proficiency, I started to plan to study abroad when I was a sophomore.


At first, I was planning to participate in an exchange program of the university, but it was not possible because I had a teaching practice and other practices in my third and fourth grades.


Thus, I gave up studying abroad as an exchange student and I was determined to go overseas to study English after the graduation.


I haven't chosen the country and university for studying abroad, so I consulted with one of my professors for some advice. She is a professional of TESOL and has experiences of studying abroad.



Surprisingly, she said to me 'You should do Master's degree.'



I had never thought about doing Master's degree because I knew the tasks of universities are really demanding and I couldn't manage them.


Plus, I have to sit for IELTS exam that includes Speaking test to enter a graduate school.

I hadn't taken any English-speaking test except for an 'EIKEN exam', which requires only simple English.



It was so hard to choose, but I ended up deciding to do Master's degree. This is because I realized even if I couldn't meet the academic requirement of the graduate school and enter the school, I can study abroad just to learn English.



When I was thinking about unplanned studying abroad, my friends were preparing to become English teachers and studying for a teacher recruitment exam.


While they were certainly moving forward, I started to study for IELTS exam with anxiety.



Next time, I will write about my experiences of IELTS exam.