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Why do Australian people bite into an apple?

Hello! I'm Clever Apple ! !


Today, I would like to write about  "Why do Australian people bite into an  apple?"




When I eat an apple in Japan, I cut it into pieces, but when I was in Australia, my friends bit into an apple without cutting it.



I wondered why, and I thought about the three reasons!



 1. Size

The first factor that comes to mind is the size .


When I saw apples in Australia, I noticed that apples are smaller than Japanese apples.


Therefore, eating a whole apple in Australia does not fill you up so much, but Japanese apples are big and, so just one apple is enough.


In short, Japanese apples are supposed to be shared with someone, while Australian apples are supposed to be eaten alone.



 2. The amount of the fruit juice
The second possible factor is "The amount of the fruit juice" of apples.
Personally, I felt that Australian apples have less juice than Japanese apples .
Japanese apples tend to be juicier, so if you bite into a whole apple, the juice will come out and your hands will be sticky.
Australian apples, on the other hand, are not as moist and have a crunchy texture, so they don't ooze much juice.


In Australia, I saw people eating apples while walking or studying at the library.




 3. Price
The final possible factor is about the price .
Japanese apples are more expensive than Australian apples.
So, at least for me, Japanese apples are "a treat" .
I feel like I'm going to take my time eating them.
Conversely, Australian apples, which are cheaper, are more like a snack  .
I haven't heard from Australians, but maybe the values ​​of apples differ from country to country!
 4. Summary
Today, I wrote about "Why do Australian people bite into an apple?"
There may not be a correct answer, but it's interesting when you think about it!
Please let us know what you think! !
Have fun learning English! !